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Conditioning Equipment for Water

Below are three different types of appliances that will condition water. They prevent Lime Scale in a different way to softeners which remove Ions (hardness salts). Electromagnetic Water Conditioner:This unit does not really soften the water. The chemical make up of the water doesnt change. What they do is physically condition the water by running it through an electromagnetic field. This alters the minerals in a way that will stop them from leaving a coating on the walls of the pipes. They are inexpensive cheap and easily fitted. They dont interfere with components like boiler filling loops or water filters. They can suddenly stop working over a period of time. A Bounds Green Plumber is experienced with all conditioners.Conditioners Using Phosphates.This unit operates in the same way that softening tablets work. The process works by using trace amounts of phosphate instead of zinc which has a conditioning effect on the water. The reasoning is that the treated water is less likely to form a lime scale deposit on the inner walls of pipes. These units are more expensive but do work well. They do need topping up with the phosphate every so often and wont work if the dosing holes are blocked.Conditioner Using Zinc.This units look almost the same as the electromagnetic water conditioner and often operates with electromagnetic fields. This unit will, when running, release its zinc into the water supply. The zinc bind to the hard minerals in the water, which has the affect of stopping them from coating the inner walls of the pipework. There is a snag with this system that is self defeating, that being, the zinc source often gets covered in limescale, itself, which, stops the release of zinc and stops the device from operating. These units tend to be more expensive than their electric and magnetic counterparts, but have the same pros and cons. Bounds Green Plumbers have the correct tools to fit all appliances.

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