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Monthly Archives: April 2014

Boiler Problems and Advice

Boiler controls can cause many problems. Of course checking your thermostat, programmer/ time switches and radiator valves can help, however don’t ever attempt to do any complex servicing or repair work on your heating system yourself as the skills of professionals such as Bounds Green Plumbers can keep your boilers and heating system fully maintained […]

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10 Key Plumbing points

1). Water Stopcock.You should know the location of and check the operation of this particular valve i.e. on and off and if it is sluggish either way or will not turn then call the water supply company. Bounds Green Plumbers are a professional service.2). Main Internal Stopcock.Usually under the sink, again check operation of both […]

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Compression Joints (Plastic for Waste System)

Fittings for waste pipes.The fittings for this system work as the name suggests. Rubber rings are compressed between the fitting and the pipe in such a way as to produce a watertight seal. Many standard plumbing items are now of the compression type since they allow for the pipework to be readily dismantled and reassembled. […]

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Bleeding your radiator

First of all isolate the circulation pump and turn off the boiler, although that is not essential. Every radiator has a bleed valve on one of its top corners, identifiable by a square-section shank in the centre of the round blanking plug. You should the right a key to fit the shanks. Installers such as […]

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Method for replacing a Pump

Below is the step by step method for the replacement of a Central heating pump:1). Isolate the electrical supply for the whole system either by removing the relevant fuse(s) or switching off the circuit breaker(s). Bounds Green Plumbers carry out all forms of plumbing work.2). Either make a sketch or take a clear photo of […]

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Connecting a Branch to an existing Vertical Soil Pipe

Sometimes in order to make a connection to the drainage system it is necessary to cut right into the vertical soil stack. Bounds Green Plumbers have the skills for such plumbing jobs. A Tee branch will need to be inserted for large pipes, however where the connection is for smaller pipes the connection is called […]

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