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Monthly Archives: May 2014


Five Forms of Wash Basin:1). Wall hung, 4). Wall hung basins and Vessel basins.2). Pedestal basins, 5). Semi-countertop, 3). Countertop basins, Wall Hung Basins:There are many different brackets that can be used to support these types of basins. They include basins that are fixed to the wall by screws or fitted on a dual towel […]

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Traps for Plumbing

Listed below is a selection of the various traps that are used in the domestic plumbing trade and how they are used.The Bottle-Trap: A very good trap but they are likely to block very easily, with their size or width can sometimes stop them being fitted pedestals. There is something called a mini bottle trap […]

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Move a Washing Machine

If you are renewing, servicing or repairing your washing machine, then you may have to disconnect it yourself before the professional plumber can do his work or before you carry on. It is a great flood risk.To Begin:Pull the machine out and away from the wall. The machine is usually plugged in via a 13 […]

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Handy Tips For Changing a Tap

Tip: Sometimes the flexible pipework for the tap can be bent too tight which can result in the restriction of water flow. It is recommended that So make all the bends be made at very gentle angles, making sure that you dont twist the flexi hose at the connection.Tip: Most main water supply drain-cocks are […]

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Fit New Basin Taps

Best Tools For The Job:1). A Cranked Spanner:A cranked spanner will release the back nut that attaches the taps to the basin. If the nut is difficult to undo, put a screwdriver through the end of the spanner for extra torque. A Bounds Green Plumber uses different plumbing spanners.2). A Basin Wrench:The Basin Wrench will […]

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Conditioning Equipment for Water

Below are three different types of appliances that will condition water. They prevent Lime Scale in a different way to softeners which remove Ions (hardness salts). Electromagnetic Water Conditioner:This unit does not really soften the water. The chemical make up of the water doesnt change. What they do is physically condition the water by running […]

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