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How to unlock a toilet in Bounds Green

Before you even try to unblock a Blocked toilet Bounds Green, you should know what caused the blockage in the first place. The blockage can be a result of too much toilet paper with the heavy loads that have been put into the bowl. The first step is to know where the blockage is located. You should start by inspecting the outside and check in the nearest pan. When the chamber has enough water, then you have to clear the blockage found within the pipes and around a drain using a makeshift device or a specialist rod. When it is a pan that is blocked, you should put a flexible wire down into the pan. You should have someone check the drain chamber while doing this since the item that led to the blockage may emerge. When you are not able to get rid of what caused the blockage, then you can push it further in the system and it may be even more difficult to get rid of it. Use a plunger in order to unblock such damage. People may use a cup-shaped plunger, but it is not always the best in all cases. The toilet bowl may be unblocked by the use of a ball shaped plunger or a flange shaped plunger. The two have been designed to seal an opening at the bottom of the toilet bowl. Such a seal will be able to create the right pressure and a vacuum which is effective. The WC or toilet auger is a tool that is used to clear the Blocked toilet Bounds Green. The device has a flexible clearing rod with a long sleeve handle and a special device that can break the blockage or which may retrieve them. The auger may enter into the toilet and it can reach too far. When you are able to remove the blockage, you should flush the toilet and disinfect your auger.

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